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Ever since Adrian Pang set up Pangdemonium in 2010, I've been wanting to attend one of their productions and I came close when they staged Fat Pig, the play by Neil LaBute, the same guy who did The Shape of Things—a four-hander play that I still think is pretty easy to stage locally without much change in context or a lot of props/set building even (said the person who has no theatre training at all).
So when they announced they're doing Rent this year, I'd kept my eye on it until they opened up ticket sales in Aug and pounced.
For all its fame and my love for musical, I have never watched the Broadway production (because I'm a poor student from Singapore when they ended their Broadway run in 2008, a poor student when they toured it here in 2005 and underage when they did their first production here in 2001) and the movie it is based on (because I'm still a poor student when they showed it in the cinema). I never even listened to the cast album because I didn't even know there was such a thing. I only know the song Seasons of Love because who doesn't know Season of Love?!
Of course I know there *is* such a thing now but I didn't want to raise my expectations too much by watching/listening to previous recordings and adaptations before I watch them in Oct so I'm going into Pangdemonium's production of Rent completely blind. And boy was I glad I did!
As I write this almost 10 days after watching, I have the movie playing in the background and like all adaptations, you really can't compare apples to apples because even though the story is the same, the medium in which it is presented on is different. Some things, the theatre production does better than the movie and some things, the movie did better than the theatre production.

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random obsessions
05 August 2016 @ 12:21 am

Watching Steven Universe 3x19 Steven vs Amethyst f’d me up so much.

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When will I figure out what I want to do with my life?

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random obsessions
Karkat Vantas aka Nubs McShouty aka Tactical Midget with a foul mouth
Charlie Day aka world's smallest man with a squeaky scratchy voice.
I've had him pegged ever since Meenah gave him the nickname of Nubs McShouty way back in 29 May 2012.

But the main point of this post is something I've been trying very very hard not to do since early this month.

I have officially headcanon'd TJ Miller as Gamzee Makara. That's right. I went there.

Been crazy into TJ Miller this past 2 months so I've been reading up on him a lot and watching a lot of his stand up. Since I've only known him from movies and TV, I wasn't sure what to expect but I sure wasn't expecting his weird stand up sets & live shows. So here are some things I found out about him.

TJ Miller: Crazy curly hair. Smokes weed. Juggles & unicycles.
(As Erlich Bachman in HBO's Silicon Valley): Uses Motherfuck! a lot. Loves Fage (pronounced Fa-yeh).

Gamzee Makara: Crazy curly hair. Eats sopor slime pie that makes him stoned. Juggles & unicycles. Uses MOTHERFUCK a lot. Loves Faygo.

Do you see what I'm getting at here?

The only thing missing from TJ's arsenal are clown horns...

Until now! Or rather, he'd done this in Jan 2016 but I only read about it yesterday. Apparently he'd stuff himself into a suitcase full of clown horns and let another man push and shove to get the suitcase to close on him.

At least it's not a fridge amirite? Ahaha... Ahahaha... Ahah... Ah... Um......

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random obsessions
So. Star Wars The Force Awakens. I like it. It reminds me of the original trilogy mostly in a good way (nostalgia filter is strong in this one) but I'm not sure if people who don't know much and/or watched the original Star Wars before will appreciate all the callbacks and the way some scenes were shot in the style of the original films.

Like how Oscar Isaac looks like he could actually be part of the original film with his retro 70s hair and retro 70s costume to his retro 70s classic good looks--wait what? lol...

But there's the main point of this post.

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random obsessions
01 April 2015 @ 08:28 pm
While searching for the release date of Mark Ruffalo's Infinitely Polar Bear in Singapore, I chanced upon Pink Martini's website & found out they are coming to Singapore! 2weeks ago! So I got crappy seats coz I found out so late.

I first knew of Pink Martini when one of their songs "Hang On Little Tomato" was used in the film The Nines with Ryan Reynolds (it's a good movie. It's also the first RR film I acknowledge that the man really can act!).

So I have been listening to their stuff on and off for the past few years. Their style pleases me.

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I hope when they come back next time, I will find out earlier so I can get better seats.
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random obsessions
27 March 2015 @ 07:54 pm
Born on 16 Sep, his birthday was one day after my mother’s. (The Mother is almost 40 years younger!) As such, I see the same governing style in this country as in my household.

Here are some anecdotes for your amusement:

1. Obsessive order
The Mother do not tolerate mess. Everything has its place and anything off will be removed.

LKY did not tolerate unsightly things. The trees lining the roads are planted a set distance away from each other. He spent a lot of time, effort and money to clean up Singapore River because it was super dirty and polluted.

2. Out with the old
TM will throw any and all things old and what she deemed useless. Every half a year or so, we would get new dishes/furniture/TV/cupboards/etc.

LKY was not sentimental about keeping the old dilapidated buildings. He tore most of them down for new urban development.

3. Monetary incentive
When I found out how the Baby Bonus Scheme works, I laughed for a good minute coz that’s exactly how TM made us save money.

If you put $2000 into the baby bonus account, the government will give you another $2000, making your total $4000 to pay for your baby’s vaccination etc.

When we save $200, TM will give us $200, making our total $400 to deposit into the bank to pay for toys we really really want (that we can only play during school holidays)

4. Public image
TM takes very good care of her appearance. Her hair, make-up, clothes and shoes are impeccable. Her home clothes can be worn out on a nice afternoon and everyone will be none the wiser. There is no sloppiness in her wardrobe.

I just found thus out today but it made so much sense. LKY stopped drinking beer because he didn’t look good photographed with a beer belly. A politician has to maintain a certain image after all.

5. Hopeless romantic
Despite the tough exterior, TM cries when watching sad shows and will keep the roses my father get her on Valentine’s Day every year.

Despite the tough exterior, LKY is a romantic at heart. The epic love story of LKY and Mrs Lee is well know and even immortalized at the new Madam Tussaud’s in Sentosa.

While I don’t always agree with what he did but I understand why he did it. His logic is basically TM’s logic. The way they are wired are very similar.

So thanks for making those tough decisions. We needed a firm hand then. We will appreciate it when we get older.

Thanks for building it up.

Now to see how long it takes for us young whippersnappers to burn it to the ground.
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random obsessions
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29 August 2014 @ 11:01 pm
Always a good line to start any post.

wrt to this post from last month, apparently I have 2 tiny cysts. Follow-up ultrasound in 1 year's time to confirm it stays tiny and I'll only hafta get my boobs prodded after I turn 40.

...I've never planned for anything 1 year in advance. Not sure what to think of this.


And now for something completely different.

Watched the Emmy's a couple of days ago and saw Mark Ruffalo in a bow tie. Watched Michael Sheen on Colbert Report today and I thought of his bow tie. I now have to add curly hair + bow tie to the list of male fashion combinations that I think looks mighty fine.

So that's short and/or stocky guys in vests, guys of Italian descent in suits and curly haired guys in bow ties.

1. A tall guy in a vest doesn't look as nice as a shorter guy in a vest. A skinny guy in a vest doesn't look as nice as a guy with some girth in a vest. That's just the way it is.

2. Any guy in a well tailored suit will look great but there's just something about guys with Italian blood in them that carries it off better. (Is that why Italian men wear suits all the time?! I think I'm onto something!)

3. I think the curly hair adds to the frumpy professor look that comes with the bow tie. (Thanks Bill Nye!)

Edit: Oh wait. Just realized Mark Ruffalo could potentially break my brains by pulling off all 3. Is that a picture of him in a vest with a tux & a bow tie?! *dies*


Speaking of curly. And dying. My trusty Toshiba Satellite M500 named Curly (because Johnny Galecki of the curly hair starred in the music video of an obscure Dave Matthews Band song called Satellite) is dead. Couldn't boot it up to Windows. Not even safe mode. It's been with us for a good 5 years even though I had to replace the LCD 1 year in because it died on me and I had to replace the hinges 3 years inbecause the screechy cousin pressed down on the screen and broke it.

So we're in the market for a new laptop. I thought I'd hafta wait til early to mid September for Comex but it's a good thing I decided to check when the quarterly computer show is happening coz IT'S HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND. LIKE, IT LITERALLY STARTED YESTERDAY!

Goddamnit. I never have such good timing. Stuff always breaks 2-3 weeks before or 1 week after a computer show. Every time! D:

I guess this fortuitous stroke of luck must be because Curly broke down while in the possession of The Mother, well known for her excellent timing.